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The Testimony of Mrs. Suzie Beasley.

My name isSusie Beasley.  I am from South Korea.  I came to the United States in 1968. I was 20 years old. I wasn’t brought up with any religion. I became a hairdresser and a lot of my customers would talk to me about church, god and Jesus. I would tell them, “if you want to talk to me about church, God and Jesus I won’t do your hair anymore.”  So they said they were sorry and they wouldn’t do it anymore. I was an atheist. The reason I didn’t believe in God and Jesus is because when I was growing up I would see people who went to church but did bad things. The Bible says that when you’re a believer you’re the salt and light among the unbelieving, but when I was growing up I didn’t taste any salt or see any light, so I didn’t believe.

 I met my husband Roy and we were married in 1977. In 1984 he woke up one Sunday morning and said, “ Susie, let’s Go To Church,”  I got mad and slapped him. He turned me over his knee and spank me. I went back to our bedroom about 30 minutes later and saw my husband in bed crying. I called him a crybaby and left. About a month later he said to me again on a Sunday morning, “let’s go to church.”   I didn’t slap in this time, but I did curse him.

 A year or so after this, I was in a bad car accident. My husband was going to drive our car to work one morning and I said, “No Roy, you ride with someone. I want to take the car.”   So, he left the car home with me.   My son had a modeling assignment at JB white that morning. He was going to drive there and I rode with him. It was May 11, 1985. After he finished his assignment, he wanted to see his girlfriend on the other side of town. On our way back, a tractor trailer that was parked on the side of Bobby Jones expressway began pulling back onto the highway in front others when big rolls of reinforcement wire began falling off the truck. The roof of our car was back when we went under the truck. People came running to help us when both vehicles came to rest. A man performed rescue breathing on me until a helicopter arrived to transport me to the Medical College of Georgia.

 I was in a, for 4 ½ weeks. I was considered clinically dead for 38 minutes the doctors wouldn’t let my husband in the room for almost an hour when that happened because they thought I was gone. While I was in the coma, it seemed I was on the bench that had no end. Jesus was beside me on the bench and behind does was a set of beautiful, Golden, double doors. I asked Jesus, “Can I go in those doors?”  and he said, “it’s not your turn yet.”  No one was there but Jesus and me. Then, he patted me on the back and told me, “you’re going to be okay.” He did this twice so I would know it was true. Not many people get that kind of second chance.   Doctors said I would never see out of my left eye again and even if I did, I would never see color. While I was recovering, I had to wear diapers for a while. I had to learn to walk by crawling on my hands and knees like a baby. Also had to learn how to brush my teeth, take a bath and talk.

 Now I’m completely recovered, and I can even drive a car. I cannot only see out of my left eye, but I can also see color.  I could never thank my Lord enough. When I dad for 38 minutes, he could’ve sent me to hell and forgotten about me, but he gave me another chance. Now when I die I’m going to heaven for sure.

 The sad thing is they are a lot of people are in and out of church and don’t really believe in Jesus. For example, my mother who lives in Korea has been a deacon in her church for over 10 years and she’s not sure there’s a real god and Jesus. There’re people who go to church in think because of that they’re going to heaven, but the word of Christ is in his kingdom. God asked us to live by his word, believing Jesus, be baptized and obey his commands. If you don’t go to church, find a good one. Ask Jesus to forgive your sins and to come live in your heart. After you get saved, be baptized as a testament to your commitment. Whoever may read this story, should tell other people about Jesus. We are his disciples, and we should work for our Lord. If someone lives far away, contact them and tell them about my testimony in what Jesus did for me, and Jesus will give you a reward. Ask your pastor to share it with your church, because there maybe people in your congregation, like my mother, who don’t believe God and Jesus are real.

 Today, a lot of people don’t go to church because of the unpleasant things a number of our religious leaders have done, but we must realize they are human beings like each and everyone of us. One day we will all have to stand up in front of Jesus to be accountable for everything we’ve done. When you find a good church, a lot of people don’t want to give their tithe (10%), but the only reason the Lord wants our money is to carry out his work. Remember, we are Christians who have a safety deposit box in heaven and whatever we do and the name of Jesus is piled up in that account to be of great benefit for us one day. And when we get to heaven, will be one, big, happy family. No tears, no pain and no worries. We have a wonderful place ahead of us. So, live for Jesus. I love you, and may God richly bless you. We are his disciples and work for our Lord.

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